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We Get It Right, From the Start

At Com One, we have created a staff committed to the highest standards for quality, efficiency and on-time performance. Moreover, we know the importance of planning and coordinating the installation of communications infrastructures. Because this can be very complicated, Com One has assembled a dedicated team focused on this vital function.

Our specialty is making sure that whether you have 2 sites or 200, they all look and perform the same - flawlessly. With a single point of contact and someone who really knows your needs, we can help with all the details. That means you will have more time to do your own job.



Residential Cabling provides the latest technology available to the new homebuilder or owner.

Residential Cabling consists of pre-installed cable, capable of being utilized for Telephones, Video, Fax Machines, Home Theater Systems, Security and even home based Computer LAN. By installing the system components during the construction of a new home, all of the communication needs for a new home are taken care of up front; the only requirement being that of plugging a telephone, fax or other device into the wall.

By increasing the versatility of a home, you also increase its value. Having a home prepared for future changes, you eliminate the need for costly modifications later.

With a Residential Cabling system installed, the home meets the current and future needs of the owner. The plug and play capabilities allow changes to take place easily and quickly.

Residential Cabling allows for the distribution of information throughout the home by simply plugging in the equipment being used, whether it is data information on a computer modem, a telephone used for voice communication or a video camera set up to watch the baby in its crib.

With the installation of Residential Cabling in your new home, you will be poised for today's communication technology while being prepared for the technology of what tomorrow brings.

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